Consumer Oculus Rift may not be coming this year

Consumer Oculus Rift may not be coming this year
Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has suggested that the consumer version of the virtual reality sensation will not launch this year.

So far, the company has only released developer prototypes and has continuously delayed the release date for the consumer version. Last year, Luckey said something would have to go 'horribly wrong' for the Rift to not come out this year, but he changed his tune at the recent SXSW: "I did say that, before we made a lot of changes to our roadmap," which included setting a higher target quality level for the consumer device.

VP of Product Nate Mitchell added that with "the Rift, our team wants to launch this as soon as we possibly can, but with no compromises."

For consumers who cannot wait, the Gear VR will be out this year - a VR headset built as part of a partnership with Samsung.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Mar 2015 16:24
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  • doowop72

    As soon as this is all perfected, I believe this to be the new world of gaming.. Can't wait.

    14.3.2015 22:41 #1

  • Dardandec

    [b][I]The future of gaming pleasure is so close, yet another delay , I feel like I'm going to weep in a dark corner, forgive me if I cry, I am only 55, want this before I die.

    15.3.2015 15:43 #2

  • ThePastor

    And, as is usual with "VR" devices... delayed yet again.

    Boy: "WOLF!, WOLF!"

    Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

    16.3.2015 16:23 #3

  • mightyzog

    Am I the only one who believes this will either wither on the vine or be completely underwhelming when/if it's ever released.

    They are going to miss the window of opportunity as others will beat them to market and quite possibly be on version 2 or 3 by the time this crap comes out.

    7.4.2015 07:04 #4

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