Comcast aiming to launch a YouTube competitor

Comcast aiming to launch a YouTube competitor
According to a new report, Comcast is looking to build its own online video service that can compete with Google's YouTube.

"The proposed video service would mark a brand new chapter for Comcast, which would be able to play in a loosely regulated market, reach a national audience and possibly even make its service available outside the U.S.," reads the report. "It also may be necessary move, given that younger viewers have been gravitating toward Web videos made by a new generation of artists. One purpose of the service is to add new types of shows to Comcast's cable package, allowing people to watch them on TV screens."

If that is accurate, Comcast will look to use their 27 million cable subscribers to boost the service, especially with younger viewers that are turning away from traditional TV at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately for the company, YouTube is a name even your grandmother knows, so Comcast will have an uphill battle if it really wants to get into the online video sharing market.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 May 2015 19:47
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  • hearme0


    Mark my words on this very day AD peeps...THIS WILL FAIL!

    This can be likened to a new entry in the DVD rental 'machine' industry to compete with Redbox.........the need is already fulfilled by YouTube just as with Redbox.

    It's a dead market.

    5.5.2015 12:04 #1

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