Did Apple out a new iPhone 5c with Touch ID?

Did Apple out a new iPhone 5c with Touch ID?
Upon launch of the company's new iPhone Lightning Dock, it appears that Apple may have outed a new, updated iPhone 5c with Touch ID.

There have been rumors that Apple has been looking to update the 5c to closer match the iPhone 6 design, but there has been little official confirmation.

The image of the 5c posted with the dock shows an iPhone with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a thinner design that did indeed resemble the iPhone 6.

As of writing, Apple has removed the image.

Check out the dock here: iPhone Lightning Dock

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 May 2015 12:20
Apple iPhone 5C Touch ID
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  • Skullet

    Um no...

    There wont be a new 5c just as there wont be a new iPhone 4S or any other previous model of iPhone, there may however be a 6c which has been widely rumoured for a while now.

    25.5.2015 00:08 #1

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