Amazon Echo now available to all

Amazon Echo now available to all
Amazon's smart speaker, the Echo, is now available to all without an invite.

The etailer launched the device last November, and it was generally met with favorable reviews, but available only by invite meant the average consumer was not getting their hands on it.

As of yesterday, however, everyone can now buy the Echo directly from Amazon for $180, with an estimated shipping date of July 14th.

The Echo is more than just a speaker, as it is also a "personal assistant" that can answer questions for you about traffic, your favorite sports teams, and today's weather, among many other things. You can also use it to power a smart home, or ask it to add an item to your Amazon shopping list.

Your notifications are also sent to your Android smartphone via the Echo app, meaning you can take Echo with you.

As a speaker, it is cheaper than a Sonos Play 1 (although the Sonos offers better features for music), but with all the rest of its smart features, the Echo may warrant a purchase.

Check it out here: Amazon Echo

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Jun 2015 10:16
Amazon Echo
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  • hearme0

    Check out the Amazon reviews on this thing. I almost bought one for 99 way back when. Glad I didn't as it's virtually a waste with such limited use and massive problems.

    Anyone that buys this after doing a LITTLE reading, is looking to waste money for the sake of wasting it.

    I believe that 95% of those owning this thing won't use but once or twice a month.....seriously.

    24.6.2015 15:16 #1

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