Netflix is en route to top all network channels in viewership

Netflix is en route to top all network channels in viewership
Netflix's rate of expansion and popularity in the US and beyond has been impressive the past few years. It has challenged cable channels like HBO but new analysis suggests that network channels are the next target.

FBR Capital analyst Barton Crockett said that according to the first quarter numbers Netflix is on par with ABC and NBC. The streaming giant which is not included in the Nielsen ratings would score an average of 2.6 with its three month 10 billion hours streamed, says Crockett.

Disney's ABC and Comcast's NBC are at same 2.6 but their ratings are declining unlike Netflix's viewership. Netflix recently announced it will be expanding to Spain and Portugal in October which will increase the impressive "40%-plus compound annual rate" Crockett told investors about.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 26 Jun 2015 11:23
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  • mightyzog

    This is not an apples to apples assessment. Network TV is bound by a schedule unlike Netflix's on demand business model. Now if you wanted to compare TV shows ratings.... I'm sure that game of thrones would destroy anything that Netflix has to offer.

    26.6.2015 12:59 #1

  • Bozobub

    I'd say the comparison is quite apt, simply because they're all competing for the same resource: viewer eyeballs and ears. And Netflix has an additional advantage, in that they're ad-free by design; they don't have to please sponsors AND shows play uninterrupted, making viewers happy. Now that they've started producing original, reasonably decent content, they're the power player in the market, for sure.

    The networks can't continue to bleed viewers forever. Unless they change their business model drastically, Netflix (and similar content providers) will continue to eat the traditional networks' lunch.

    26.6.2015 13:19 #2

  • mightyzog

    The biggest advantage that Netflix has is that they have a steady cash flow because they are a subscription service.... While traditional networks have to play commercials to pay the bills. And since the networks are a separate from the cable companies and satellite services.... I would love to see Netflix survive if ISP ever started to charge customers per Gigabyte. Netflix would wither and die.

    27.6.2015 06:46 #3

  • Mysttic

    Quote: ISP ever started to charge customers per Gigabyte They already do, but typically that's after you go over your monthly cap, also known as "overage charges". However ISPs typically masquerade it as necessity to save on resources without needing to prove that there is even a warranted need for such a thing. Sadly "unlimited" data packages are not offered everywhere and ISPs sure as hell would charge strictly / GB if they could get away with it; but the public backlash would be too huge.

    28.6.2015 14:41 #4

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