Prince removes his music catalog from streaming services

Prince removes his music catalog from streaming services
Musician Prince has sent take down notices to most of the major streaming services to have his music removed.

As of writing, Spotify, Rdio, Google and Deezer have already removed the tracks while Tidal still had them available. Apple Music did not have Prince's music to start with.

"Prince's publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalog. We have cooperated with the request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible," read Spotify's page.

The artist's choice follows that of Taylor Swift, who has vocally been against free streaming music.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 Jul 2015 22:06
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  • cyprusrom

    LOL, the prince of what? Who? He should be happy people still know he exists...

    4.7.2015 00:11 #1

  • greatdeceiver


    A bouncing YouTube baby has be-bopped his way right into the legal cross-hairs of the pop star Prince, sparking a lawsuit that could test the boundaries of U.S. copyright law.

    Holden Lenz, 18 months old, is the pajama-clad star of a 29-second home movie shot by his mother in the family's rural Pennsylvania kitchen and posted last February on the popular video site YouTube.

    In the video, the child is seen bouncing and swaying for the camera, as, faintly, the Prince hit "Let's Go Crazy" plays on a CD player in the background.

    Twenty eight people, mostly friends and family, had viewed the YouTube video by June, when mom Stephanie Lenz said she received an e-mail from YouTube informing her that her video had been removed from the site at the request of Universal Music Publishing Group, the recording industry's largest label, and warning her that future copyright infringements on her part could force the Web site to cancel her account.

    4.7.2015 01:20 #2

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