Report: Android users download more apps, but Apple dominates revenue

Report: Android users download more apps, but Apple dominates revenue
According to market data and analytics firm App Annie, Android users downloaded 85 percent more apps from the Google Play Store than Apple users did from the Apple App Store, but Apple continues to dominate in revenue.

For the Q2 2015, the App Store saw 70 percent higher revenue than the Google Play Store, as Apple continues to attract premium apps from developers.

Seeing the huge difference in downloads was unsurprising given the healthy lead Android has in the smartphone market. By most accounts, Android is on over 80 percent of all shipped smartphones, and sometimes higher in emerging markets where iPhones are not affordable.

Also unsurprisingly, China and U.S. were the top countries for App Store downloads, followed by Japan, Russia and the UK. Google Play was most popular in the U.S., Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico.

PA via App Annie

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Jul 2015 18:48
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  • hearme0

    Because of Android's ghettoness, it's unable to remain unencumbered by the bloatware of unremovable apps and an insecure, bloatbeast of an OS in general, coupled with the fact that any moron jagoff can submit apps to the Play Store, OF COURSE APPLE IS MORE LUCRATIVE.

    They rid themselves of the ghettoness day 1! While I hate Apple, must give credit where it's due and IOS stays fairly constant and speedy even 4 years later without surgery that Android requires.

    And for those that disagree......HUSH.

    My wife is a techno moron and she doesn't think it was slower until I corrected the issue so most are like her.........technically inept.

    20.7.2015 00:52 #1

  • Bozobub

    First off, no one takes orders from you, hearme0; you can step right down off that pedestal. You look quite silly up there. Maybe if you wore clothes, O Great Emperor..?


    If you can't comprehend the problems with Apple's ecosystem, that's your own problem. The simple fact of the matter is, however, that Apple continues to bleed market share to Android. It is what it is.

    Oh, by the way, did you miss the text, "Android users downloaded 85 percent more apps from the Google Play Store than Apple users did from the Apple App Store"? Gee, I wonder which is actually more popular? Funny, how your "argument" explodes immediately in your face, isn't it? Users simply don't care which platform makes more money for developers, silly.

    I'll also note that the Play Store has far, FAR more completely free apps than the Apple Store. Furthermore, considering Apple has exactly *zero* GNU-licensed apps because they violate the GNU license with their terms, many very useful applications simply are not available from Apple (unless you jailbreak and go with Cydia, that is).

    Furthermore, the Play Store has a lot of apps Apple simply will not allow. Have fun, for example, finding any game system emulators there, and that's just a single example. I'll play some games on FPSe/ePSXe while you look, 'cause it's going to be a long, long wait. Personally, I prefer to not have my choices micromanaged by the ghost of Steve Jobs, thenkyew.

    Android has specific hurdles that can cause slowdown, and we've been over this; for the most part, with a modern phone and version of the Android OS, they're also not much of an issue. Apple has *complete* control over all hardware, while Google, of course, has none, beyond basic compatibility with some version of Android. I'll also note that you're going to have the exact same issue running ancient, unupdated iOS apps on a modern iPhone, or running modern iOS apps on an ancient iPhone. In fact, EVERY OS for EVERY hardware platform EVER made (that maintains compatibility across many versions) has similar issues, as well, including Windows, Linux, and OS-X. Oops! You were saying..?

    Of course, Apple never pushes the envelope with its hardware or software, either, except in the case of camera hardware/software, where they certainly do compete with the best.

    You make a lot of claims about how others are "techno-morons" or "technically inept" but don't come across all that savvy yourself; have you ever bothered to read what you post, before you dribble it all over everyone?

    The real truth is that each platform has strengths and weaknesses. Windows Phone, for example, is very good on lower-end hardware and the UI is pretty well-liked amongst its users. iOS has a remarkably consistent user experience across many apps and some compelling OS-specific apps. Android has immense flexibility - I challenge you to apply a 3rd-party ROM to Windows Phone or iOS, for example - both of hardware and software, gives far more power to the user than either of the other two - both for good and ill - and furthermore, has by far the most cutting-edge hardware of the "big 3".

    Each of these phone/tablet OSes has something to offer, depending on a user's needs and desires, your snoot and silliness aside. Get over yourself.

    20.7.2015 15:08 #2

  • DarthMopar

    Bozobub, you win the internets today sir. Well said.

    20.7.2015 23:56 #3

  • deucezulu22

    Originally posted by DarthMopar: Bozobub, you win the internets today sir. Well said. Agreed.

    21.7.2015 11:02 #4

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