ZTE takes 8 percent U.S. smartphone market share

ZTE takes 8 percent U.S. smartphone market share
In a surprising development, Chinese smartphone OEM ZTE has taken 8 percent market share in the U.S.

The numbers come via IDC who says ZTE nearly doubled its share year-over-year for the Q2 2015. At 8 percent, the company is now in 4th place in the U.S., beating out much bigger brands like Sony, Lenovo/Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry and Alcatel.

"We came from nowhere, and now we are a solid force,"
says Lixin Cheng, head of ZTE's U.S. operations.

ZTE first started with smaller pre-paid carriers like MetroPCS but is now available on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Additionally, the phones can be found in Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy.

Unfortunately for the company, IDC says revenues are not moving in line with the market share growth. Revenue only grew 4 percent year-over-year even though sales were up 100 percent, suggesting ZTE is only taking share by cutting prices. The company just launched a high-end model for $450, but it is unclear whether consumers will care about that device when they can get their iPhone or Galaxy.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Sep 2015 22:01
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  • pmshah

    I can only say one thing from my own personal experience. ZTE is most certainly extremely particular about the quality of their products. All the ZTE networking equipment that I have been using for the past 7 years are still functioning flawlessly.

    I am pretty sure their $450 offering is going to be right up there with Xiaomi and 1Plus offering.

    10.9.2015 22:28 #1

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