Report: Google under antitrust scrutiny over Android operating system

Report: Google under antitrust scrutiny over Android operating system
According to a new report, the FTC and Justice Department are prepared to begin an investigation into Google's Android operating system and whether the search giant blocked competitor's access to the OS.

Technology companies have been complaining that Google gives priority to its own services while restricting others.

Of note, the inquiry is still in early stages and the FTC could end up not filing an official case against Google. The European Union has started its own investigation into Android, as well.

Android has nearly 60 percent share of the U.S. market, and much higher share around the globe. The investigation will likely focus on Google's long-term strategy of bundling its own software into the stock version of Android including YouTube, Maps, Chrome, Gmail, Google Play Music and Drive. The watch dog group will see whether that practice harms developers of rival applications, and if it hurts manufacturers that build Android phones but may have their own rival apps.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Sep 2015 22:50
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  • hearme0

    YEAH......and end this B.S. stranglehold that Android has on the market to provide us options other than the spewed out CRAP that is Google's Android!

    Thank God there are Windows phones and that 950XL looks dope!

    But again, I have been without a cell phone for 2 years and 4 months now. Ditched TMobile and went to Vonage.

    LOVE IT! Best decision ever. Even my wife annoys the crap out of me because she can't put it down. I don't like that.

    28.9.2015 00:05 #1

  • treyjazz

    If there is any cell manufacturer that should be targeted for antitrust it is Apple. They lock down their devices so much that (unless you can/do jailbreak) you can only install what they allow you to install via the App Store. Developers are forced to have a Mac and sign up for their program in order to release anything. Whereas Google has allowed developers to create apps on any platform and most devices (dependant on hardware manufacturer not Google) can install apps via sideloading. They also allow competition for their own apps on the Play Store whereas Apple restricts many such apps from their store.

    30.9.2015 08:56 #2

  • senator29

    If any one person involved in this filing actually picked up an android and used it they would see this case has no merit. Legally you cannot provide a custom rom with Google apps included.

    Android is based around using a Gmail account but not required to fully use the phone. Oh someone upset about that? WELL, lets see, Google did make the OS in the first place!

    Google even sells rooted phones. What Apple, Microsoft or bogberry has been sold rooted/jailbroken?

    30.9.2015 09:10 #3

  • SomeBozo

    I can't help but think somewhere the momentum behind this there is some Micr0$oft energy where they are crying "Our phone can't make a dent when Android has all the market share..." Hell look at that new/cheap chinese phone that came out (2 year ago now, forget the brand) but they have more market share in almost 3x what MS has and MS phone has been out for how long...

    3.10.2015 03:38 #4

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