Popcorn Time team reportedly breaks up

Popcorn Time team reportedly breaks up
A few of the top developers for the Popcortime.io fork have reportedly left the project this weekend, following a number of internal disputes.

Popcorntime.io is the most popular of the Popcorn Time forks, and the software currently has millions of users and the blessing of the original creators.

Reportedly, there have been disagreements over how the project should move forward and those disputes have led to a few of the top developers leaving, practically breaking up the group. Allegedly, the disagreements started over the rumor of a Hollywood lawsuit due to the service's integration of VPN.ht. The software was created by two of the developers of Popcorn Time and has added a revenue stream, which in the past has led to lawsuits against otherwise free services.

Some of the team demanded getting away from VPN.ht, with plans to release a new Popcorn Time fork without the commercial VPN. The devs who created the VPN took that as a sort of "hostile takeover" and froze access to the software's code. At that point, a handful of devs decided it was time to move on. It is unclear what the next steps for the platform are.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Oct 2015 21:43
piracy developer Popcorn Time
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  • hearme0

    This is nothing other than those putzes that engaged this crap assed program after abandonment trying to bail out early on because it's a brutal and flagrant infringe on all that is good. No doubt trying to avoid getting thrown in the clink.

    And I ain't no do-gooder. I download...but only occasionally as most of what I view is bought and paid for but THIS program is rampant piracy.

    21.10.2015 00:08 #1

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