T-Mobile to offer three months of unlimited LTE for free if you opt into 'Binge On'

T-Mobile to offer three months of unlimited LTE for free if you opt into 'Binge On'
Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced "Binge On," a feature that will allow you to stream movies and TV from services like Netflix and Hulu without touching your monthly data. The only catch is you need to reduce your video quality to 480p, for all video, even when you aren't streaming.

Now, as an incentive to get you to opt-in, T-Mobile is offering 3 months of free unlimited LTE if you sign up for Binge On. If you opt-in, your unlimited data will be turned on December 1st, at no extra charge.

If you opt-out of Binge On, the LTE promo disappears, as well, T-Mobile notes. If you don't want to have your video at lower quality, T-Mobile offers unlimited LTE with 14GB of tethering for $90 a month.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Nov 2015 22:30
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  • Bozobub

    Luckily, I'm on the "unlimited everything for two lines for $100" plan, or this might be very nice news ^^' . I already use my T-Mobile LG G2 for my main internet connection...

    Protip: Cyanogenmod, uniquely amongst Android ROMs, simply does not ask the carrier for permission to allow tethering or wifi "hotspot" mode - it just works, and no messing with SQLite databases or whatnot - although you'll need to run an IPv6 APN Protocol to get full speeds, especially for BitTorrent (some very old apps/games may not work correctly with IPv6). Your browser(s) may also run better with an alternate User Agent string. Important: Your data still will be used; this doesn't give you free data. If your plan isn't unlimited, be careful!

    I can get over 6 MByte/s near certain towers and/or at certain times, but many towers (like the one near my house) get slammed during the early evening ("prime time", so to speak) and I'll be lucky to sustain 65 KByte/s, so it's not a perfect replacement for, say, cable or FiOS. Latency, however, remains quite good, and my gaming pings stay pretty stable. Forcing a step down to HSPA or HSPA+ can actually be a speedup, when the LTE band is overused - lol.

    Cyanogenmod - or, alternatively, one of many other ROMs, with a little finagling - works well, even on those networks (especially, say, AT&T) that are very draconian about tethering w/o purchasing the option. If you DO get a nastygram from your carrier, however, simply tell them you torrent a lot from your phone. Very few networks outside T-Mobile (and Sprint, last I checked), however, don't slow down even "unlimited" customers eventually. I've gone over 164 GB in a month with no issues!

    25.11.2015 06:24 #1

  • hearme0

    Sadly enough......after having had Tmo for 9 years........their service sucks!

    You boast 6Mbps in close proximity to towers.....THAT'S HORRIBLE!

    Verizon deals in 30-50Mbps down on an average and comparable up speeds.

    And you're using it as main internet connection?!?!?!?!?! Absurd!

    25.11.2015 14:39 #2

  • Bozobub

    * cough* 6 Mbyte/s is 48 megabit, homes o.o' (and yes, the up pipe is pleasingly symmetric, sometimes even faster than down). I I live in a very dense area, so the local tower simply gets hammered 6-11:30pm, which is why for 3-1/2 hours it's crappy. *shrug* Whatever, I can still game and use the net, and I torrent at night.

    Considering I'm hammering down north of 150 GB/mo., and that's with full HDs (so I'm going very slow), I think it'll do. There's only so much data I can use this way, before I piss someone at T-Mobile off; they've been going after the BIG users (approaching a terabyte or even more a month) so far, but there's no reason for me to be an ass about it.

    I lucked out with my phone choice, too; the LG G2 (running Cyanogenmod 12, which is Android 5.0.2) can run wifi hotspot at several MB/s (not Mb, hearmeo -.-' ) for over 8 hours from a reasonably full charge. Not bad! Comes in handy when I forget my cable. But it's also one of the most difficult to root phones out there; it was a serious pain in the tush. Also, the camera is crap compared to the stock cam software, and the LG G series is noted for excellent cameras; sadly, this is true for all AOSP ROMs.

    25.11.2015 14:47 #3

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