GTA V mod adds 4K textures, improves weapons, vehicles, relationships and much more

GTA V mod adds 4K textures, improves weapons, vehicles, relationships and much more
The Pinnacle of V mod touches on almost every aspect of the GTA V universe, including the weather, the vehicles, weapons, people and more.

The most striking and immediately noticeable changes are to the visuals, where almost everything gets some kind of improvement or change. Brand new 4K textures are added for Clouds, Water, Stars, the Moon, Plants and Grass, Blood, Fire Spries, Coronas, Rain Drops and Splash Textures, Cloud Noise and Vehicle Bottom Shadows.

Every car, truck, van, SUV, commercial, utility, transportation, water, and air vehicle has been modded to provide realistic deformation, top speeds, weight, handling, crash physics, avoidance control, AI control and more!

The mod brings the city to life too, with population levels changed to reflect areas of the city, the time of day, the day of the week etc., meaning that there are now rush hours in Los Santos if you use the mod. Relationships between characters are also altered, with gangs and police battling it out on the streets, and the player enjoying better encounters with animals.

Weapons have also been modified to have realistic recoil, bullet spread, tracer fx, muzzle flash fx, reload animation speeds and more. Bullets now will travel at a realistic speed rather than being instantly delivered to the target, while some materials in the game can now be shot through and destroyed with gunfire.

There really is an awful lot of changes made in the game that are listed on the The Pinnacle of V website, though ironically the formatting of the site is quite poor on the features page.

You can get the mod and instructions on using it from

Here's a video showcasing the mod, but bare in mind that you'd need to actually check out the mod on your PC to get the full effect of the re-touched and brand new visuals added.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 2 Dec 2015 2:11
GTA V Pinnacle of V
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  • PraisesToAllah

    Will it melt my computer?

    2.12.2015 11:16 #1

  • Bozobub

    Look at the improvements it lists. Damn straight, it will melt your computer - lol.

    2.12.2015 15:02 #2

  • ivymike

    I doubt it will help any relationships, LOL. #toobusyplayin'

    2.12.2015 22:32 #3

  • megadunderhead

    yea and i bet it blocks you or gets you blocked while you play online i will just use my ps4 for gta thanks

    6.12.2015 01:10 #4

  • CarpeSol

    Well damn. That's not just a mod, that's a whole new game. I might actually consider picking it up just for this.

    18.12.2015 18:29 #5

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