Analysts: Nintendo could launch NX console as early as October this year

Analysts: Nintendo could launch NX console as early as October this year
Analysts in Japan have suggested that Nintendo will provide gamers with more information about its upcoming NX console this March ahead of an eventual launch in October.

It has been nearly a year since Nintendo hinted at the NX and we still have no idea what the console will bring to the table at this point.

Besides the first reveal in March, the Nomura Securities analysts claim that Nintendo will give a full reveal in June, almost undoubtedly during E3.

For now, there remain many, many questions about the console, some of which we hope will be answered soon.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Jan 2016 22:20
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  • xnonsuchx

    What an admission that the Wii U is a failure and a gimmick that would be!

    11.1.2016 07:59 #1

  • gibbut

    im betting its a return to cartridges.

    for nintendos sake!

    12.1.2016 02:04 #2

  • aw2600

    I can't see Nintendo going back to cartridges for a standard console. (Mobile consoles like the Gameboy and DS are a different story.) There is no reason to switch back.

    While it's possible to match the capacity of an optical disc with some sort of cartridge, the cost differential is significant. Costs for optical discs are measured in cents. Costs for cartridges are measured in dollars.

    12.1.2016 16:33 #3

  • SProdigy

    I actually like the Wii U. It's a shame developers and fanboys of the other consoles slam it. There's enough original first party content to merit having this system. I can't say that's the case with the PS4 or Xbox One, where they are nearly clones of each other.

    13.1.2016 12:15 #4

  • cdglkr

    I agree with SProdigy. The Wii U is a great system for children and adults. The system also has multiplayer games you can online or with your family at home.

    16.1.2016 13:23 #5

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