The Google X lab is now just 'X,' focused on top projects

The Google X lab is now just 'X,' focused on top projects
Google's experimental lab, Google X, will now be known just as X as the division tries to turn its experiments into profitable businesses.

Following the company's reorganization as Alphabet, Google promised investors that X and other investments outside of the core businesses would be refocused and this move will satisfy that promise. X is now Alphabet's 'incubator,' taking some of the more ambitious experiments, focusing on them, and then 'graduating' them to profitable standalone operations.

The criteria for deciding whether the projects live or die has also been refocused, with a group dubbed 'The Foundry' running the projects through the ringer.

A few of the projects that are being incubated within X are Project Titan, Project Wing and Project Loon. Titan is the company's robotics project, Wing is the drone delivery program and Loon is the Internet-supplying balloon project.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Jan 2016 0:09
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