Twitter executives flee en masse, Dorsey forced to tweet

Twitter executives flee en masse, Dorsey forced to tweet
Twitter's stock has been in steep decline for majority of the past year. The plunge didn't stop quite the opposite when co-founder Jack Dorsey was appointed as CEO in October.

Now the company is facing another huge problem as executives are leaving the company in an unprecedented pace. When the going gets rough and the times are tough it's very normal to see an exec or even two leaving the company. However, Twitter is having to deal with four high profile executives leaving the company in a very short timespan.

CEO Dorsey has been forced to give an official statement &ndash via Twitter of course. He goes on to dismiss "inaccurate press rumors", whatever they might be, but acknowledges that Alex Roetter, Skip Schipper, Katie Stanton, and Kevil Weil are leaving the company. According to Dorsey the CTO Adam Messinger is taking a responsibility of most of the work left undone and the COO Adam Bain will be taking additional responsibilities as well.

In addition the Twitter owned Vine GM Jason Toff is leaving to develop VR headsets, BGR reports.

Tweets by the public show many kinds of reactions. Some blame Twitter for not taking a strong enough stance against harassment and "violence", some have in the recent past even blamed the company for being partly responsible for ISIS attacks for not actively blocking them. Some think Twitter's downfall is not protecting the freedom of speech and advocating certain type of speech over another that was highlighted by hashtag campaign #JeSuisMilo.

It's clear that times are going to be even tougher for Twitter before they bounce back. That is, if they bounce back.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 25 Jan 2016 13:41
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  • hearme0

    It really befuddles the shit outta me that sites like twitter or facebook have execs at every level. I mean, really, I could run this site out of a data center with unparalleled redundancy and an occasional NOC tech to get hands-on. Get some local talent to market and voila, Twitter!

    NONSENSE companies!

    29.1.2016 19:10 #1

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