Microsoft now owns

Microsoft now owns
It appears that Microsoft has been buying up Surface related domains in the last few months, ahead of the expected launch of the Surface Phone.

The software giant now owns although the domain currently redirects to the main Surface website.

Of course, the moves don't mean Microsoft is actually building a Surface-branded phone, but there is little doubt at this point especially as Microsoft phases out the Nokia and Lumia brands.

In addition to, Microsoft now owns and, which are interesting, but likely useless.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Jan 2016 22:56
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  • hearme0

    This nomenclature shoulda been used the moment the Surfacebook arrived or Surface Pro4, whichever came first, I forgot.

    MS can be a little slow sometimes.......or perhaps overly-cautious. Though over-cautious was not apparent with Windows Vista, or 8, or ME for that matter.

    29.1.2016 19:14 #1

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