Google brings back the landline with Fiber Phone

Google brings back the landline with Fiber Phone
Google has introduced a new landline service, Fiber Phone, for just $10 per month.

Reads the Google press release:

Whether it's calling mom or ordering take-out, we rely on our phones to help reach the people and things that matter. And while mobile phones have pushed us toward the future, home phone service is still important to many families. Landlines can be familiar, reliable and provide high-quality service, but the technology hasn't always kept up. That's why today, we're introducing Fiber Phone as a new option to help you stay connected wherever you are.

Fiber Phone is meant to give you everything you want from a home phone service, plus a lot more. For $10/month, you get unlimited local and nationwide calling, and the same affordable rates as Google Voice for international calls. You can keep your old phone number, or pick a new one. You can use call waiting, caller ID, and 911 services just as easily as you could before. Fiber Phone can also make it easier to access your voicemail--the service will transcribe your voice messages for you and then send as a text or email.

Additionally, Google says your Fiber Phone "lives in the cloud," so you can use your number from your phone, tablet or PC, expanding its uses.

Just like Google's gigabit Fiber Internet, the Phone will not be everywhere but you can check if it's available in your area, here: Google

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Mar 2016 21:36
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  • cart0181

    Mentally challenged...

    30.3.2016 01:48 #1

  • Bozobub

    How is offering a cheap fiber-based landline "mentally challenged"..? Go on, try to explain; I don't think you can.

    31.3.2016 15:18 #2

  • seths

    gigabit phone connection? who cares, who will know the difference, and finally, who remembers when fiber optics for phone transmissions was introduced by AT&T like 30 years ago? I thought it was cool in the 80's, but now im like "what's a landline"? And yes, damnit, I will get one the second it's available in my area...and yes, just so I cvan say I have a fiber phone...double damn itttt

    16.4.2016 05:46 #3

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