Sony to add two-factor authentication to PlayStation Network

Sony to add two-factor authentication to PlayStation Network
Nearly five years after a major cyberattack exposed the data of nearly 100 million users, Sony has announced two-factor authentication for the PlayStation Network.

The company did not give a timeframe for when the service would be available, or what Sony would use for the 2-factor. Many services use one-time verification codes sent via text or email, but others use authenticator apps connected to your phones or other methods.

For Sony and the PSN, two-factor is a big deal. The company currently has 110 million users and 65 million monthly active users that access the network via the PlayStation 3 or 4, PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation mobile app or even through the site. Rival Microsoft has used two-factor since 2014 for the Xbox Live gaming platform.

Back in 2011, Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack that took down the PlayStation Network for weeks and exposed the account names, birth dates, email addresses and encrypted credit card numbers for nearly 100 million gamers.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Apr 2016 22:05
Sony PlayStation Network Two-factor authentication
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  • megadunderhead

    Great except you have a lot of accounts that have wrong birthdates thanks to your last f up

    5.5.2016 07:39 #1

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