Tor software developer jumps the U.S. to Germany following FBI investigation

Tor software developer jumps the U.S. to Germany following FBI investigation
The FBI has been trying to subpoena one of Tor's core software developers to testify in a federal hacking investigation, but the developer Isis Lovecruft has left the U.S. for Germany.

Lovecruft says she fears that the FBI will force or coerce her into undermining the Tor network, thus exposing Tor users who legitimately use the network to protect their identities. "I was worried they'd ask me to do something that hurts innocent people -- and prevent me from telling people it's happening," she added.

Reportedly, FBI Special Agent Mark W. Burnett left a card for Lovecruft at her parent's home while she was on vacation and the agency then refused to talk to her with her attorney present. Lovecruft then began to fear what the FBI wanted with her knowledge of Tor's inner workings: "That would undermine all the work that we do to protect human rights activists, women researching birth control... all these people need privacy. They need what Tor provides," she said. "I would not undermine that."

Lovecruft then flew to Germany, where she had been planning to move in the future and now expects to stay. She still doesn't have an official word from the FBI on what they need from her. "I don't know what they want. I don't know what happens to me if I go back."

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Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 May 2016 22:34
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  • Mrguss

    Never trust any gov't. But in special "The world police" call it USA.

    Live Free or Die.
    The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
    Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

    19.5.2016 14:53 #1

  • LarryJP

    Sadly the FBI is "ALL ABOUT SLAVERY" these days. They use the "Letter of the Law" as a Bludgeoning Tool after applying their twisted Reasoning to the laws "Intent". Worse yet the Courts allow it.

    Too Stupid and Lazy to successfully DO their Jobs, on their own, they simply "Abuse" regulations, Bully, Threaten, Coerce, or Unjustly Prosecute anyone and everyone unwilling to RISK their future(s) to provide Intelligence which is sorely Lacking throughout the FBI Community.

    A wise person Does NOT engage in conversation of any kind with the FBI because once you DO or SAY Anything . . . the courts interpret such actions as "Wilful" thereby opening THE FLOODGATES TO FURTHER EXAMINATION / CROSS-EXAMINATION. The Same goes for All Law Enforcement types. Even providing them the current time or engaging in small talk is enough to get one dragged into becoming their SLAVE of the Month / Year.
    Simply show ID if asked and then point them back to Public Property POLITELY REQUESTING THEY LEAVE. Without a Warrant they've got nothing but once you cooperate a Warrant becomes easy to obtain.

    Don't take my word for it, ASK you Legal Council ! ! ! !

    19.5.2016 18:26 #2

  • hearme0

    What really boggles my mind is that Germany and the US have such a tight relationship that we can move/live there and vice-versa without much of a hassle AND.........both countries are willing to extradite in the blink of an eye to one another.

    Run all you want from the FBI but if they want you back or fabricate nefarious info about a person (highly likely) in order to justify extradition, your ass is coming back to the States.

    20.5.2016 15:19 #3

  • dp70

    The very strange thing is the FBI telling her an attorney is not allowed. In all questioning, answer with the Fifth Amendment- and use the right to remain silent. Never respond to any question. If asked about the weather - remain silent except to say : lawyer.

    The FBI guy is showing disdain for the person's constitutional rights.

    An attorney is not allowed in a grand jury, but the person being questioned can ask to leave the room to consult with their attorney who is waiting outside.

    The best answer to all grand jury questions is: I decline to answer that question as is my right in the 5th Amendment- it is very true about a grand jury and the ham sandwich indictment.

    If any readers are ever impaneled on a grand jury- a grand jury can tell the prosecutor what they wish to investigate- then the prostituting attorney has lost control of the grand jury. My apologizes to the working girls for my play on words.

    21.5.2016 07:34 #4

  • KillerBug

    There was a time that people fled FROM Germany to get away from the secret police...there are even veterans from that time still alive. Now Germany is a safe haven for free thought and the country that defeated the Nazi empire is the reason people must flee.

    21.5.2016 18:44 #5

  • Chanta

    5th Amendment? Where have YOU been since 9/11? That is nothing but a mere memory of liberty.

    26.5.2016 14:21 #6

  • kutulu1

    America's war against freedom rears it's ugly head.

    28.5.2016 14:20 #7

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