Community is Google's newest attempt at making YouTube more social

Community is Google's newest attempt at making YouTube more social
YouTube has announced a new feature which will allow content creators to interact better with their audience. This Facebook's Wall-like feature is called YouTube Community and can be found as a separate tab on every channel.

It is pretty much as simple as the Wall. You can publish text, videos, images, and of course GIF animations. YouTube says that it is lightweight and that the posts will appear to subscribers of the channel in the Subscriptions feed on their YouTube mobile app. Notifications for new posts is also available.

The brand new Community tab on your YouTube channel gives you a new, simple way to engage with your viewers and express yourself beyond video.

Even though this might not seem like a groundbreaking feature it will likely make the communication with fans of the channel easier. Often announcements and other info are spread via services like Facebook and Twitter, which is obviously no optimal for YouTube. Now you might not have to subscribe to the YouTuber in several different services.

The feature is currently in limited beta use before it goes fully public. You can check the channels here.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 14 Sep 2016 17:30
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  • KillerBug

    This could really hurt YouTube...with the way YouTube has been treating the creators lately, this makes it very easy for those creators to post stuff like, "YouTube demonetized my video for mentioning politics #censorship" or "I posted a new video but YouTube decided that having jokes might hurt ad sales, so I moved it to this other site".

    15.9.2016 00:40 #1

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