Nintendo Switch will be powered by custom NVIDIA Tegra processor

Nintendo Switch will be powered by custom NVIDIA Tegra processor
Earlier this week, Nintendo unveiled the Switch console (codenamed NX), an interesting tablet/console hybrid that includes a new type of controller called the Joy-Con.

We now have a little more information about the console's guts, which include a custom Tegra processor from NVIDIA.

The Tegra is notable because it is an extremely powerful mobile SoC that combines both the CPU and GPU in one and the SoC has been used to great success in the NVIDIA Shield tablet.

NVIDIA also confirmed that developers will use ARM this time around (standard compared to previous Wii and Wii U) but the company says there will be custom software, APIs, tools, and a new Nintendo OS so it does not appear cross-platform options are in the cards just yet.

Hardcore gamers will likely stick to the PS4 and Xbox One and their powerful, custom AMD processors but Nintendo seems to be aiming for those who want to take their consoles on-the-go.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Oct 2016 10:42
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  • hearme0

    Eh........Wii was seemingly that last successful venture. Wii U didn't even seem to hold a candle to the original Wii. This will be no different.

    I pristine can you make cartoonish-style graphics for Nintendo games? It's not like the grass blades and ground are being made to look more lifelike as Nintendo gaming is not lifelike in any way, shape or form.

    24.10.2016 14:19 #1

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