Netflix brings 4K to PC, but only if you have the right PC

Netflix brings 4K to PC, but only if you have the right PC
Netflix has been bringing 4K content to different platforms now for a couple of years but only platform you'd expect to get it hasn't seen it until now. Personal computers, which have come with enough calculation power to easily process 4K video have apparently given the access to UHD content.

Netflix hasn't announced anything so there are obviously some quirks with the feature. Not only are the 4K videos playable only with the Edge browser introduces in Windows 10 but they even require specific hardware to decode the DRM.

At the moment the only computers are the ones that have Kaby Lake generation (7th gen) Intel processors. This limits the computer selection to just a handful of new laptop models. However, rest assured that 4K on PC will be available to more people as the new chips come more popular and become available on desktop computers. Also, Netflix might make it available on other processors as well.

Right now, though, it is far easier to watch Netflix in 4K with a Chromecast Ultra or a 4K-capable TV.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 27 Nov 2016 12:43
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  • KillerBug

    So basically it only works with (some) laptops made in the past couple of months...and even when it comes to desktop you will need a new processor and maybe mainboard as well...oh, and you have to go to Windows 10.

    I can't help feeling like Netflix wants me to give up on them and just use torrents or something.

    28.11.2016 08:13 #1

  • hearme0

    To add insult to injury with this draconian methodology for introducing a useless technology that's nothing more than a "stepping stone" to 8K,

    I JUST BUILT MY F'ING COMPUTER! I opted for the DDR3 instead of 4 but never-the-less, I'M NOT UPGRADING MY PROCESSOR! That requires an entire new build. F THAT! All for 4K?????


    4K is the biggest waste and nothing more than a tease for the already-invented 8K. a nutshell, 4K is OUT for any of those that have computers older than like 8 months.

    28.11.2016 10:06 #2

  • Hrdrk20

    The Amazon Fire TV 4K is $99.99 and then there's the Latte Panda $107 that plays 4k video files. Pick up a nice size 4k flatscreen, run Kodi and you're good to go.

    28.11.2016 20:38 #3

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