U.S. company to implant chips in employees

U.S. company to implant chips in employees
A Wisconsin-based company is asking its employees to accept chip implants that can help with a variety of verification tasks.

Three Square Market is offering the microchip implants to employees on a voluntary basis at an estimated cost of $300 per implant. More than 50 employees have expressed interest in the implants, according to media reports.

"It's the next thing that's inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it," Three Square Market Chief Executive Officer Todd Westby said.

Employees will be able to use the implants to get in through the front door, and even to log into their work PCs. They can also use the rice-sized implants to pay for food in the break room.

The implant is placed between the person's thumb and forefinger, and can be easily removed at any time. Stored data is encrypted and there are no tracking abilities.

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Written by: James Delahunty @ 24 Jul 2017 20:59
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  • ivymike

    Sounds like a test run for the N.W.O.

    25.7.2017 01:36 #1

  • hearme0

    It'll be a cold day in Hell before I implant ANYTHING trackable in my body.

    No reason, no justification, no cause.

    25.7.2017 15:20 #2

  • scorpNZ

    Has no gps & requires you to be within 6" of any scan device.Its going to be used for unlocking doors,getting stuff from cafeteria & a whole bunch of other useless stuff where once they used key cards etc.Would be good to be there next 1st of april,can run around with what appears to be your hand cut off & heaps of blood spurting

    edit:ok article didn't state where implant went.It goes between thumb & forefinger i.e loose skin at join & is same as a piercing so can be removed easily (info came from interview i heard this morning on a local talkback radio station)


    25.7.2017 21:50 #3

  • cart0181

    Any foreign object implanted in your body has a risk of being rejected by your immune system. That will cause itching, inflammation, pain, swelling as the minor side effects. The more serious ones are less fun to talk about. I wonder how they plan to deal with that.

    28.7.2017 12:38 #4

  • Tarsellis

    A strong reader can pick the signal up more than 6" away. How much data is stored on this? Can I superheat it by pointing a large amount of RF at it and burn through your pad?

    Oh, and no, it's not easily removed. If it's not rejected by your body, it becomes attached to your nerves and muscles. Unless you're taking this thing in and out every 6 months, it's going to take real surgery and tissue damage to take it out after a couple years.

    Whelp, just found another company I won't be doing business with.

    28.7.2017 14:06 #5

  • doowop72

    "In the year 2525..." 60's song had a lot of revelation in lyrics that's becoming reality.

    29.7.2017 01:07 #6

  • KillerBug

    Better hope no one at that company ever needs an MRI.

    In a sense I can sort of understand it...the company makes vending machines and such...they are trying to show off their new tech. If you ignore the MASSIVE backlash and the fact that is it a dumb idea to begin with, they have done that.

    As a side note, their website seems to be getting slammed and their google ratings are full of 1-star reviews talking about bible scripture.

    I sort of feel sorry for them. They are not "evil" they are just a small-time miss-managed vending machine company that the whole world now hates.

    29.7.2017 22:07 #7

  • Bozobub

    Quote: Stored data is encrypted and there are no tracking abilities.

    Um, yeah...no, not even remotely close to true. Of COURSE you can track someone using one of these little RFID devices, exactly as you can track someone via their debit/credit card use, using largely the same methods. Except with this little gem, you'll know *even more* about the subject at hand than card transactions alone can tell you.

    No active tracking? Sure, of course not, that would be too expensive. But tracked, nonetheless, you will be, better believe it!

    31.7.2017 18:12 #8

  • Sotsoggy

    Remember the good old days when a mugger got what it wanted without necessarily leaving a hole in you?

    11.8.2017 04:58 #9

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