Samsung reinforces commitment to QLED over OLED, announces a new model

Samsung reinforces commitment to QLED over OLED, announces a new model
Samsung's yesterday's press conference at IFA Berlin included a lot of new products. From vacuum cleaners to washing machines and from Gear wearables to premium TVs.

The biggest news in TVs wasn't the new model, even though we'll get to that too, but instead Samsung exec's confirmation that Samsung is battling the onslaught of OLED TVs from competitors with their own QLED technology.

Samsung is confident that the Quantum LED technology is superior especially because it's easier and cheaper to produce in the large sizes of 2017 TVs. To express the commitment the company introduced the new Q8F model which is a flat version of the curved Q8C. You'll be able to buy it in two sizes: 55 inches at 2599 euros ($3095) and 65 inches at 3599 euros ($4285).

That brings the Q series to a total of 14 different models, six of which are curved.

Samsung also unveiled a new addition to its artistic TV lineup called The Frame. The new 43 inch version in the smallest of the bunch and costs 1499 euros ($1785).

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 31 Aug 2017 17:15
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  • hearme0


    What a crap company with crap products and crap QA. Lifespan of average Samsung ANYTHING is low compared to pretty much any other brand.

    Props to Samsung for being 1 of 3 worldwide companies that actually manufacture the crystal panel of an LCD but that's it.

    TVs unreliable (clearly not ALL their products are unreliable as they wouldn't be in biz anymore so those ringing in with "mine works just fine" know what I mean).

    Appliances unreliable

    Phones break easily but essentially this is the ONLY spot where Samsung shines. Cheap ass Korean company that now partners with the even cheaper assed TCL and Hisense. Run-of-the-mill Chinese crap! Now it's going to be Koreanese crap.

    Samsung claiming superiority because "easier and cheaper to produce in the large sizes of 2017 TVs" is like claiming "mine is better than yours because I say so".............MERITLESS!

    OLED wins every battle except true blue brightness but the nits on an OLED are VERY VERY bright..........QLED is just brightER. Who cares!

    OLED looks better, more power saving, natural looking and burn-in has yet to be even remotely determined but yes, QLED technically doesn't worry about this as much as the "technical" aspect potential of OLED. That said, OLED boasts no burn-in for a remarkable amount of use. By that time, you'll get a new TV likely.

    Lifespan..........well.....OLED just surfaced in 2013 so no record yet but likely longer than QLED if I guessed but we'll see in another 7 years.

    I just don't see why people don't take the reviews of Samsung product longevity and reliability seriously.......Everyone thinks "mine will be fine" and then voila........not the case.

    Samsung's reputation is horrid and most know this but won't admit since they own Samsung products.........swallowing that pride to say you bought something crappy is hard for most!

    1.9.2017 12:02 #1

  • DarkJello

    Honestly, if this QLED was at $2000, I'd still buy OLED at twice the price.

    1.9.2017 18:56 #2

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