Google updates Chrome with better popup protection

Google updates Chrome with better popup protection
Just as Mozilla updated their browsers, with new Firefox 58, Google answers with a new browser version of their own. Among other things Google's new Chrome 64 is said to be offering better protection against malicious or just plain annoying websites.

The most important improvement in the new Chrome version is probably the new, improved, and more efficient popup blocker. It should take care of all annoying windows or dialogs appearing in front that you did not initiate or ask for.

Lately Google has been focusing more and more to make the web experience more enjoyable probably in the hopes that people would allow the showing of fairly innocuous ads they themselves promote.

Obviously blocking annoying ads is good for Google, if it considers none of their own ads annoying. Especially if that means people will give up the ad blockers that would otherwise block even the less eyestrain-inducing ads that the king of online advertisement uses.

Many of the other improvements to Chrome 64 are focused on developers.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 26 Jan 2018 8:35
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