AfterDawn's own Android app released

AfterDawn's own Android app released
While many people prefer to read the news via browser, some prefer apps instead. Thus, we've finally released our own AfterDawn news app for Android.

Our app supports all Android versions starting from Android v4.4 and behaves in both landspace and portrait mode, on phones and larger tablets. This app is for news consumption only: you can browse and read our news - latest news or even the really, really old news items back to the 1990s.

AfterDawn app for Android - List of newsAfterDawn app for Android, news article view

For those of you who prefer to have a quick look at the headlines, we also have a widget (that comes in three different color themes: dark, light and transparent to suit your homescreen background) that displays the latest headlines from our site.

You can grab and test our App now:

AfterDawn app for Android

Please note that you cannot comment to news articles via app as of now. This is a feature that we'll roll out later this year, after the first version's bugs have been eliminated, and after other improvements, based on feedback, have been implemented.

  • Browse through all AfterDawn's news (from 1999 to this day)
  • Multi-lingual (you can choose between our supported sites: Finnish, Dutch and three Finnish sites)
  • "Infinite scroll" - app simply keeps on loading more and more headlines to the list as you scroll down
  • News widget (three color themes: dark, light & transparent)
  • Push notifications
    • Can be turned off!
    • User can choose "silent hours" when push notifications wont be received

As the app is just fresh out of alpha, we'd appreciate direct feedback - let us know if there's anything you'd like to add to the app, have you found any bugs, etc. You can contact us directly or comment this story.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 20 Feb 2018 6:45
AfterDawn App Android
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  • elduderino

    I take it viewing or adding comments has not been added yet? If not, do you think it will eventually support it?

    20.2.2018 08:56 #1

  • dRD

    Comments can be viewed already in the app, but posting new comments (or logging in) isn't there yet. It will be in due time, we have handful of features that we want to add to the next versions, ability to comment being one of the main ones.

    Our wishlist for future versions:

    -logging in / registering an account

    -ability to post comments

    -"night mode"

    Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

    20.2.2018 09:22 #2

  • elduderino

    Awesome. Looks like you're definitely on top of it.


    20.2.2018 09:32 #3

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