Google One is the new, improved, and cheaper Drive

Google One is the new, improved, and cheaper Drive
Google has revealed a new service, or actually a renewed service, called the Google One. It is actually the good old Google Drive, one of the more popular cloud services, that has been rebranded and is a little bit easier on the wallet.

The search giant hasn't quite yet revealed the exact, official release date, and currently you can only register to receive news about the service on the website ( However, Google does promise it in the coming months for the folks that already pay for Google Drive's storage.

At first Google One will be available in limited quantity which probably means that free tier Google Drive users will be stuck with the old service for a while.

If you've been thinking of getting some more cloud storage, though, you'll be happy to hear that Google One offer better deals than its predecessor. 100 GB package costs the same $1.99 but you now have a 200 GB and $2.99 option. The $9.99 tier has also been updated to hold twice as much stuff at 2 TB. Tiers above 2TB will stay the same price.

There's no news whether Google will kill Drive and when this would happen, but you'll probably be able to use it at least until Google One is available for all.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 16 May 2018 8:08
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  • KillerBug

    Hopefully they migrate smoothly so all those google drive links don't go dead.

    19.5.2018 01:01 #1

  • borhan9

    There is already google back up and sync and got corporate and schools there is google file stream.

    So the question is are they changing again since the May 17 change??

    28.5.2018 00:41 #2

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