Amazon raises workers' wages following criticism

Amazon raises workers' wages following criticism
Amazon workers are to get a pay increase after criticism from multiple angles about workers' pay and conditions.

Amazon became the second company in history (after Apple) to reach a valuation topping $1 trillion this year. While the news was likely celebrated at Amazon, it was also met with concerns over the low pay rate for some Amazon employees and the conditions at some of its warehouses.

In a rare glimpse of agreement on America's left and right, both the Trump White House and Bernie Sanders welcomed the move by Amazon. Senator Sanders and President Trump had both publicly attacked Amazon for workers wages and for how much tax the firm pays.

From November, Amazon's lowest-paid workers in the United States will receive at least $15 per hour. In the UK, the minimum wage at Amazon will rise from 8 per hour to 9.50 per hour or 10.50 per hour in London. Around a quarter of a million workers will benefit from the increase in the United States.

Amazon has had widespread strikes by workers across Europe over conditions at factories too.

Source: BBC News

Written by: James Delahunty @ 3 Oct 2018 7:32
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