Microsoft considering Xbox without a disc drive

Microsoft considering Xbox without a disc drive
Microsoft is considering releasing its next Xbox One variant without a built-in Blu-ray Disc drive, according to a report.

Thurrott cites sources in reporting that Microsoft will release the new Xbox One variant without the disc drive at a considerably lower price. It estimates that an Xbox One without a Blu-ray drive can easily shave $100 off the price of the console.

Microsoft is also said to be considering a 'disc to digital' exchange program, allowing for Xbox One owners to drop their physical copies into a store to receive a digital download code in return.

The sources also said Microsoft is working on a revamped Xbox One S that does still retain a Blu-ray disc drive, as the company is conscious of the fact that a lot of gamers still prefer to have a physical copy of a game rather than downloading it.

A disc-drive-less Xbox One console would launch next year, according to the sources. It is also not part of Microsoft's next generation Scarlett consoles. The aim is to sell the console for around $200 or less.

Source: Thurrott

Written by: James Delahunty @ 19 Nov 2018 6:23
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  • WiganScum

    Disasterous for consumer & retailer. Would lead to the end of consumer choice (where to purchase from). Would also kill off the pre owned market.

    Big mistake. I would never buy a console without a physical drive. Games in digital format are often more expensive than on the high st. You might save on console price but ultimately that saving will be wiped out pretty quickly.

    23.11.2018 07:33 #1

  • DMW

    I would prefer to have am optical drive of some sort, but people had the same worries about Steam on PC and it's very easy to find a lot of their games cheaper on various bundle and key sites, so I'd guess it will eventually be the same here.

    Pre-owned for sure would suffer, would much prefer to have a disc to trade in after finishing or not wanting a game.

    23.11.2018 07:44 #2

  • 8686

    I'm sure we all remember the mutiny when Xbox thought of doing this right before the Xbox one console was released. I might be in the minority but ever since I got my Xbox one I only purchased digital. If it's something I really want it's 60 bucks no matter what. But I have found really good deals on Xbox marketplace if I just wait a little bit. Not having to get up and change discs or worried about them being scratched is priceless to me.

    23.11.2018 13:37 #3

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