Apple targets apps that trick users into subscriptions

Apple targets apps that trick users into subscriptions
Apple has updated its App Store rules and guidelines to target apps that use dirty tricks while selling in-app subscriptions to users.

From now on, apps will have to be totally up front with monthly subscription prices. They will have to present the actual cost of a renewed subscription per month in the largest text, rather than showing potential cost savings and special offers in larger texts.

Apps that offer free trials must also be totally up front with how long the free trial is valid for, and the exact cost that will kick in once the free trial period is over.

While not required, Apple is also encouraging developers to let customers manage their subscriptions in-app, rather than through the App Store settings.

Users have often complained about winding up in subscriptions that cost more than they expected, and free trials with a shorter duration than expected.

Mastercard recently enforced new rules for merchants that offer free trials too which also require them to be upfront about costs, free trial durations and to make it very easy to cancel subscriptions.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 28 Jan 2019 20:29
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