Google to hit by another EU antitrust fine

Google to hit by another EU antitrust fine
Google is about to receive a third fee for antitrust violations from the European Commission. Again Google has violated the laws by preventing third parties from displaying Google competitor advertisement on its AdSense network.

According to the Reuters, EU's legislative and regulatory body is going to address Google a fine next week. The fine is not going to be as high as the previous ones, but at this time there's no word on how much Google has to pay for the violations.

Nonetheless this one will certainly sting too, as just the fact that EU is striking down anything that smells like a monopolistic policy or practice is going to tighten Google's ropes.

Previous billion dollar fines came from Google giving themselves an unfair advantage regards to Android against competitive platforms and price comparison data in the search engine.

The former was the larger one at 4.34 billion euro ($4.91 billion) and the latter cost Google another 2.4 billion euro ($2.72 billion).

This is likely not the last we hear about EU and their antitrust battles with Google. European Commission has recently started new investigations into Google's search engine data and how they treat competitors.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 17 Mar 2019 13:15
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  • fredsan

    I myself find Google Quite Fair, and wonder why the EuroCommission are not attacking Microsoft for their Closed Shop Practices, and Overcharging for Software, as well as Charging for every update, or additional Software Required to keep for Arguments sake a Computer using Windows 10 Operating at Peak Efficiency, this is an attempt at Monopolisation of the Highest Degree. OR is the European Commission exempt from Microsofts Monopololisation which are felt by most of the rest of the Civilised World

    19.3.2019 08:07 #1

  • DMW

    I'm no Microsoft fan by a long long shot, but apart from "what about xxxx" being no defence for Google which parts specifically do you have issues with on Windows?

    Overcharging? I mean, I don't buy their software so I guess that doesn't effect me, but I am curious and I assume when you say every update you mean each version of Windows and not actual Windows updates?

    I have found zero additional software is required to keep Windows running peak until an eventual reinstall is needed, but I again it's just curiosity as to what you mean.

    Don't get me wrong here, I'm very vocal to my friends about my disdain for most thing Microsoft and Google, but as I said it's not much of a defence of one company to just say another company does things, not the same, but does things.

    20.3.2019 05:31 #2

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