Intel's 5G failure cost Apple $4.5 billion, Qualcomm to collect

Intel's 5G failure cost Apple $4.5 billion, Qualcomm to collect
The patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm had all the right ingredients to become a decade long battle like the one between Apple and Samsung, but who knew a failure by a third-party would open this gridlock.

When Intel recognized that it couldn't make 5G chips for Apple, like they promised, Apple had to quickly figure out a new 5G partner. The problem was that they were fighting in the courtroom with the obvious partner, Qualcomm.

Apple had to settle the dispute and, as expected, it wasn't cheap.

According to Qualcomm's latest quarterly financials it is receiving at least $4.5 billion in the settlement. This doesn't include royalties with the new licensing deal.

The deal is a exclusive six-year licensing agreement with a two-year extension option where Qualcomm provides Apple's iPhones with modems. Apple is also developing their own modems in-house, so it remains to be seen how the company manages the development of their own modems and a lengthy deal with Qualcomm.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 2 May 2019 14:45
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