Finnish compulsory military service making smartphone mandatory offers one if necessary

Finnish compulsory military service making smartphone mandatory  offers one if necessary
The Finnish armed forces are readying new rules for the country's semi-compulsory military service. In the reform, entitled Koulutus 2020, Finnish for Training 2020, they disclose smartphone as training equipment, Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reports.

The service is compulsory for men starting at the age of 18 either as a combatant trainee or a civilian service member. For the ones choosing the path of military training they will be required to have a smartphone as a training tool in the future.

As it is mandatory, if the young recruit doesn't own a smartphone, they will be provided with one by the government. Also if the one doesn't want to use their own, in a very real worry that it might be broken for example, they also get a government issued smartphone.

The new training procedure including a smart device is currently being ran as a pilot in a couple subdivisions, specifically Army Academy (Maasotakoulu) and Coastal Brigade (Rannikkoprikaati).

Currently there are a few Android tablets per company and they are borrowed on an as-needed basis.

Smart device is used in training the conscript with video material found on a internal training portal. The couple minute video clips, or "micromovies" as they call them, direct in proper technique in things like shooting a shoulder-fired rocket launchers.

This allows the student to hone their knowledge also while off-duty. However, the use of smartphones are still going to be only a small part of the military service and, as Lieutenant Colonel Jarkko Patrikainen notes in the interview, there still will be training where smartphones aren't welcome.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 11 Jul 2019 15:09
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