Facebook released $149 Portal TV and $129 Portal Mini

Facebook released $149 Portal TV and $129 Portal Mini
Facebook has been trying to find its way to video calls for quite a bit now. Most of you, probably all to be honest, have seen ads for the Portal webcam. Now it has couple sigblings: Portal Mini and Portal TV.

The new device is essentially a TV dongle, like Chromecast or even Apple TV, that just focuses on its on-board camera. You plug the camera stand to an HDMI input of your TV and you are ready to go.

Its meant to allow easy video calling from the big screen, but also features AR gaming and content co-watching. The last mentioned feature is reserved for two Portal devices working together. You can watch videos with your loved ones while sharing the moment over a video call.

Another newcomer is Portal Mini. The $129 Portal Mini has a smaller 8-inch HD screen and looks like a picture frame at that size and with the new design.

There's also a renewed Portal that has the same new minimalist design and retains the 10 inch screen. Facebook has also dropped the price to $179 from $199.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 21 Sep 2019 10:52
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