Tesla to reveal 'cyberpunk' electric pickup truck

Tesla to reveal 'cyberpunk' electric pickup truck
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced when the company will show off its electric pickup truck.

Musk previously suggested that Ford's F-150 is a benchmark model for its electric pickup truck, which he says has a "cyberpunk" design. The goal, Musk said at a recent shareholder meeting, is that the Tesla pickup will meet or exceed the abilities of the Ford F-150.

The world will get a look at Tesla's take on an electric pickup on November 21 in Los Angeles. Musk announced the date and location on Twitter.

He went on to tweet that the date was strangely familiar, along with a link to the Opening Titles of the original Blade Runner, which is set in November 2019.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 7 Nov 2019 5:01
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  • pcrazy99

    This means that the electric truck should be able to have a full ladder rack, a bed big enough to hold tools and a jobox. I should also be able to tow a trailer and stop to fully refuel in about fifteen minutes. If it can meet or exceed these basic expectations than I'll be impressed.

    14.11.2019 08:50 #1

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