YouTube removing coronavirus conspiracy theories

YouTube removing coronavirus conspiracy theories
YouTube has been fighting the good fight against illegal content since its inception or realistically after Google acquired it. However, much more controversial is the removal of fake news and conspiracy theory content.

Google's video service has been under scrutiny over its demonetization and removal policies, which on occasion hit channels and creators with nearly or entirely squeaky clean image and content, but even in more extreme cases it is controversial.

One of the more recent conspiracy theories gaining steam is combining 5G technology to spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. In the UK, 5G equipment has been terrorized and linked to spreading misinformation.

According to the conspiracy theory, obviously without merit of any kind, 5G is lowering the immune response in people and
making them more susceptible to the virus infection.

YouTube is taking action to mitigate the damage of such theories, which have already resulted in property damage. All conspiracy videos that link 5G and coronavirus are now deleted.

There's a real argument that limiting speech could affect issues that aren't without merit, and others would argue that even nonsense, and conspiracy thinking should be allowed as long as it doesn't turn into criminal activity.

At this point YouTube isn't going to cancel all conspiracy videos, or even all 5G conspiracy videos, so there's no threat of a far-reaching ban for now.

COVID-19 is, however, a more pressing issue right now, and YouTube feels it need to police it much harsher. This means that fake news regarding coronavirus treatment will be removed.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 7 Apr 2020 13:55
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