Hacker uploads 20 GB of Intel's internal documents to Kim Dotcom's cloud storage

Hacker uploads 20 GB of Intel's internal documents to Kim Dotcom's cloud storage
World's leading chip manufacturer Intel has been a target of hacking, says a swiss software engineer and leak hobbyist Till Kottmann.

Kottmann received leaked Intel documents from an anonymous hacker that contacted him via his Telegram channel. The 20 gigabyte package was uploaded to Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud storage site.

Some of these documents were marked confidential or restricted secret, and some are clearly just marketing material or manuals.

According to ZDNet's unnamed expert, the leak seems authentic and there are indeed confidential information among the leaked documents. This includes schematics for unreleased Tiger Lake platform, silicon and FSP source code packages, as well as encrypted Intel Boot Guard SDK.

There's no sensitive information about Intel's customers or employees, however.

Intel denies that they were really hacked. According to them, the information came from a customer portal Intel Resource and Design Center which hosts documents that Intel's partners are free to access.

Hacker claims that the documents came from an unsecure Akamai CDN server, and that furthermore the security was poor with the encrypted zip files. He said that password protecting the files was either Intel123 or intel123.

Kottmann said that this is only the first of many leaks to come from the hacker, so it'll remain to be seen whether the upcoming leaks worry Intel more than this one.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 8 Aug 2020 9:34
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