Google, Apple, Amazon ban Twitter competitor Parler

Google, Apple, Amazon ban Twitter competitor Parler
There is some sort of social media purge going on right now. After President Donald Trump was ejected from Twitter, other platforms have followed suit with bans of their own.

In addition to several social media platforms removing Trump's accounts or restricting access, tech companies or monopolies as the Congress addresses them have joined in.

Google and Apple have removed the Twitter competitor Parler citing "public safety threat" and "insufficient measures to remove threats" respectively.

Parler was built to provide more free speech focused social media platform for those that do not appreciate Twitter's arguably rather selective and/or restrictive measures, or those that have no choice in the matter.

Parler CEO John Matze posted a statement to Apple banning Parler. He brought up Apple's hypocrisy with threats as Parler was banned while #HangMikePence was trending on Twitter.

In addition to the two mobile platform giants, Amazon, the provider of Parler's cloud computing, has decided to shut down their servers.

Parler is currently still online but Matze suggested it might go down for as long as a week following AWS ban while the company works on future plans.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 10 Jan 2021 10:56
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  • Mr-Movies

    Parler should win their law suit on this, I hope they get justice in this more-unjust environment that we live in. Pretty sad we have let things get this bad it may be too late to right the ship.

    12.1.2021 22:43 #1

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