Sharge x OnePlus Pouch review: Beautiful power bank that supports SuperVOOC charging

Sharge x OnePlus Pouch review: Beautiful power bank that supports SuperVOOC charging
OnePlus has long been known for its blazing fast charging speeds on its smartphones. However, the company's fast charging technology has always faced a challenge: OnePlus uses its own non-standard SuperVOOC charging technology. As a result, when using regular USB PD chargers, you won't achieve the same impressive charging speeds that OnePlus phones are famous for; instead, you'll get "only" around 15-20W speeds at best.

The problem has been exacerbated by the limited availability of SuperVOOC-compatible charging solutions for OnePlus phones. While there have been some improvements, such as OnePlus's own 80W SuperVOOC car charger, the options have remained relatively scarce.

Now, OnePlus has teamed up with the globally recognized brand Sharge, resulting in a SuperVOOC-compatible power bank: the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch. This 10,000 mAh power bank was designed with input from the OnePlus user community.

Beyond rapid charging, the power bank offers a few clever design features. We put it to the test in real-world scenarios for a couple of weeks before its official release. Here are our thoughts on the collaboration between Sharge and OnePlus.


Sharge x OnePlus Pouch, all parts put together

The Sharge x OnePlus Pouch lives up to its name: it's a cleverly designed "pouch."

Pouch laying on palm

The power bank itself is about the size of a palm, with a rounded form that echoes OnePlus's white and red color scheme.

Just the power bank, cables attached

But the real innovations lie in how the power bank integrates other moving parts. First, there are small slots on the sides of the power bank, adjacent to release buttons. These slots perfectly accommodate the USB-C charging cable that comes with the battery pack. You can securely snap the cable into place, ensuring it won't get lost in your bag or suitcase. When you need to use the cable, simply press the buttons next to the clips to detach it.

Main USB-C port, used to charge external devices, but also the power bank

The Pouch features two USB-C output ports, both suitable for charging. Additionally, the port at one end serves as the power bank's input for self-charging.

Now, let's talk about the second clever feature: magnets.

Charger and power bank next to each other

On the same end, there are small magnets. These magnets securely attach the included rapid charger -- a perfect fit for the power bank. The charger supports both SuperVOOC and USB PD fast charging standards. So, the attachment piece itself doubles as a speedy OnePlus charger, compatible with other brands' USB PD fast charging as well.

The charger seamlessly snaps onto the power bank using the magnets, creating a sleek, unified package. With everything neatly bundled -- cables secured and charger attached -- you can carry it like a small handbag.

USB cable ends are protected nicely

A special mention goes to the included cable. It's robust and actually supports up to 100 watts of charging power using the USB PD standard, even though the power bank itself doesn't quite reach those speeds.

The cable ends are protected by metal covers that lock in place, concealing the USB-C connectors when the power bank isn't in use and is bouncing around in your bag.

The battery level is indicated by five small LED lights, and the power bank's sole physical button is the power switch located on the chromed end.

Sharge x OnePlus Pouch Specs

Charger weight84 grams
Power bank weight220 grams
Cable length0.5 meters
Output max55W (OnePlus SuperVOOC)
40W (USB PD)
20W + 20W (two devices)
Capacity10,000 mAh
Input40W (SuperVOOC / USB PD)
Dimensions115 x 26 x 51 mm (power bank);
49 x 26 x 51.2 mm (charger)
Priceappx. €78 / $84

OnePlus charging

We tested the power bank with several different OnePlus phones, and the charging worked exactly as promised. The power bank delivered 55 watts of power to OnePlus phones if the phone supported such rapid charging.

For instance, the OnePlus 12, which supports 100W charging, graciously accepted the offered 55 watts when charged with the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch. While this falls short of the charging speed achieved by OnePlus 12's own charger, it's still incredibly fast compared to regular power banks.

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite, found at the bottom of the drawer, supports only 33 watts of charging. However, the Pouch managed to charge the phone just as quickly as its original charger.

In the case of the OnePlus 12, it went from nearly empty to fully charged in about 50 minutes using the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch at 55 watts.

Charging other phones and devices

For devices from other manufacturers, charging happens using the USB PD standard or QuickCharge standards, allowing a maximum power output of 40 watts.

Although we didn't have phones readily available that supported faster than 30W USB PD charging, that speed was sufficient. The Sony Xperia 1 V, which supports 30W USB PD fast charging, charged at the exact same speed as Sony's separate USB PD rapid charger (sold separately, as Sony wont ship chargers with its phones anymore).

Even iPhones charge just as quickly with the Pouch as they do with their separately sold quick chargers. The latest iPhone 15 series models support approximately 25W fast charging, a level that Pouch can easily achieve.

The Sharge x OnePlus Pouch seems like a versatile companion for various devices - not just OnePlus phones - offering convenience and speed.

Charging the power bank itself

One common issue with power banks is that their self-charging can be painfully slow. In this regard, Sharge has addressed the matter quite commendably.

The power bank itself can accept both USB PD standard fast charging and OnePlus SuperVOOC charging. In either mode, the maximum charging power is 40W, allowing the power bank to recharge quite quickly.

Of course, the relatively large 10,000 mAh battery pack takes more time to charge from empty to full compared to phones, where the typical battery capacity is about half of Pouch's capacity.

While we didn't measure the exact charging time, we estimate that the Pouch took a little over two hours to charge from empty to full when using the provided rapid charger for recharging.

Charging Two Devices Simultaneously

Unfortunately, Sharge's power bank doesn't reach peak performance when charging two devices simultaneously. When charging two devices rapidly, each port is limited to a maximum of 20 watts. Still fast, but not quite at top speed.

Couple of small design flaws

Unfortunately, the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch has couple of flaws.

Charger has U.S. prongs built-in

The design of the charger is impressive, with prongs that fold out from the device when needed and stay neatly tucked away otherwise.


Sharge Pouch charger with euro adapter attached

This design feature is only really available for American users. For those of us in Europe - using Schuko or British plugs - or anywhere outside U.S. plug standard, a bag of plastic adapters is provided to make the charger compatible. While this solution works, it looks extremely inelegant compared to the sleek design intended for the U.S. market.

Another issue is the chromed section of the power bank, which attracts fingerprints due to its glossy finish. While this problem is purely cosmetic, it detracts from the device's aesthetic appeal, especially since it was designed with appearance in mind.

The third and most significant problem with the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch is its price. At the time of writing, it costs €78 / $84 on Sharge's own website, plus shipping. Comparable 10,000 mAh power banks are available at much lower prices. The unique selling point of the Pouch is the support for OnePlus's SuperVOOC fast charging, which no other power bank offers.

The final complaint concerns a clear design flaw: the magnets that hold the charger and power bank together are slightly too weak. While the charger and the power bank do stay connected when plugged in a horizontal outlet, even a slightest bump or touch can tear them apart, dropping the power bank part to the floow. Although charging can also be done by connecting the charger and power bank with a cable, this is not as visually appealing and contradicts the design intent of the Pouch.

Pouch plugged in to Schuko outlet

Moreover, with European plug adapters, the power bank hangs slightly askew in the socket since the connectors are not as tightly fit as those in some other countries.

The verdict

The Sharge x OnePlus Pouch is the first collaborative product from OnePlus and Sharge, created in response to demand from OnePlus fans.

Having used OnePlus models for a long time, I understand the excitement about finally having a power bank that supports OnePlus's fast charging. However, given how rapid OnePlus's fast charging has become, often just carrying a OnePlus charger and getting a quick power boost from a café outlet for mere fifteen minutes might suffice.

On the other hand, if you know you'll be in places without easy access to power outlets, a fast-charging power bank is a brilliant invention. This way, your phone doesn't have to stay connected to a power bank all the time - instead, you can just fast charge your phone in short, say, 10 minute stints when taking a break.

Fast USB PD charging is also a much-appreciated bonus, ensuring the power bank remains useful even if you switch from OnePlus to another phone brand. The Pouch supports fast charging for virtually all smartphone manufacturers.

However, the price is a sticking point. At nearly 80 euros / over 80 U.S. dollars, the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch is expensive for its capacity and features. Surely, the included charger does help justify the cost somewhat. Additionally, the charger is universal, working in all countries and with different voltages, as long as you remember to carry the included plug adapters in your suitcase.

But I'd say the most potential buyers are likely drawn to this product for two reasons: its innovative design and its support for OnePlus's fast charging.

As a novel concept, targeted at a somewhat niche audience, the Sharge x OnePlus Pouch is an exceptionally well-executed package, despite its handful of small design flaws.


  • beautiful and innovative design
  • included, universal quick charger
  • OnePlus SuperVOOC support (55W)
  • USB PD support (40W)
  • power bank itself charges quickly (40W)


  • slightly too expensive
  • only U.S. can enjoy the design, everybody has to use (included) adapters
  • magnets are slightly too weak

AfterDawn's rating

Sharge x OnePlus Pouch power bank: 4.5/5 stars

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 14 Jun 2024 5:37
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