Groupon rejects Google's $5.3 billion offer

Groupon rejects Google's $5.3 billion offer
According to multiple sources, Groupon has rejected Google's massive offer to acquire the company.

The search giant had offered $5.3 billion, with another $700 million in performance-based incentives.

It appears Groupon's board of directors were divided on the decision to sell, with some new directors believing the company will be worth even more in a couple of years.

Other sources say the daily deal site will instead launch an initial public offering in 2011.

Groupon has 35 million users in 300 cities.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Dec 2010 2:26
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  • toked

    Thou Shalt Not Kill
    Thou Shalt Not Bare False Witness Against Thy Neighbor
    Thou Shalt Not Refuse To Be Acquired By Google

    4.12.2010 13:49 #1

  • Joshewah

    I loved Google, I still do, but I'm worried all the power they've secured and are consistently securing will eventually overcome them. I like that many of their services are free or opensource, but I can't help but feel that a devious plot will be brewing in the near future.

    X360 - iXtreme1.4 ||| Xbox - EvoX Dash ||| PS2 - CC 2.0 PRO SLE ||| Dreamcast ||| NDS - Acekard 2/M3 Simply/EZ Flash 3-1 ||| Rooted HTC Hero with Ic3rom

    4.12.2010 14:10 #2

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