Google extends free Gmail calling through 2011

Google extends free Gmail calling through 2011
Google has said this week that it will extend its free Gmail calling service through 2011.

'Call Phones from Gmail' was launched in August and gives any Gmail user the chance to make free domestic phone calls from their computers.

The service uses Google's Voice phone management software.

Although the tool was supposed to end next week, Google says (via EW): "In the spirit of holiday giving and to help people keep in touch in the new year, we're extending free calling for all of 2011."

To use the feature, Gmail users need to download the voice and video plug-in and then simply hit "Call Phone" from the menu bar on the left and then type in the recipient's phone number in the virtual keypad.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Dec 2010 16:43
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  • axlman

    Thanks GOOGLE!

    Keep in mind that this keeps Google competitive with Skype. Although Skype is free for PC to PC calls, it's still fairly the same type of service.

    22.12.2010 09:53 #1

  • lissenup2

    I'm not a Google buff so what happens after 2011?? Are they gonna start charging or get rid of it completely?

    22.12.2010 12:09 #2

  • axlman

    To me, it looks like a "wait and see what happens".

    22.12.2010 13:45 #3

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