'Angry Birds' on its way to PS3, PSP

'Angry Birds' on its way to PS3, PSP
The U.S. PlayStation Blog has revealed today that the blockbuster game Angry Birds will be hitting the PlayStation Network this week as a PS Mini.

Minis are playable on the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation 3.

Reads the Minis description of the game:
Angry Birds- The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 63 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

Earlier in the year, developer Rovio Mobile said they were working on versions of the mobile game for the PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

On just the iOS and Android platforms, the game has already seen over 50 million downloads.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 Jan 2011 16:23
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  • stuntman_

    I don't understand why this game is so popular it isn't THAT fun

    3.1.2011 16:47 #1

  • xnmalletx


    3.1.2011 17:16 #2

  • biglo30

    For me its like a game that you play when your trying to burn some time, like waiting on someone at the airport or something like that.

    3.1.2011 19:05 #3

  • joepet200

    If you like Angry Birds, you may like a similar PC version called Crush the Castle http://armorgames.com/play/3614/crush-the-castle

    Be warned , silly fun game cost me over 2 hours last night.

    Have fun

    3.1.2011 20:53 #4

  • NHS2008

    Man..I wish someone reinvigorates Reset Generation..

    Join my FB Group.
    If you want Android on Samsung Wave!

    4.1.2011 02:39 #5

  • kikzm33z

    I like it on my iPod.

    Why do it on a console?

    4.1.2011 08:40 #6

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