CES 2011: Vizio announces OnLive gaming integration

CES 2011: Vizio announces OnLive gaming integration
Top TV maker Vizio has announced today that they will be integrating the cloud-based gaming system OnLive with all new Vizio HDTVs, as well as Blu-ray players and the new Via Tablet and Via Phone devices.

Anyone with an upcoming Vizio product will not need to purchase the pictured OnLive console, meaning the company has integrated the gaming console into the devices.

Says OnLive CEO Steve Perlman:

"Today's OnLive/VIZIO announcement marks a major milestone: for the first time in the history of video games, consumers will be able to enjoy premium video games directly on a TV, no console or computer needed. VIZIO's innovative and cutting-edge technologies are ideally aligned to complement OnLive's vision for the future of entertainment and together we look forward to providing a wealth of rich-media, interactive content to consumers this year."

Rental prices can range from $3 for older titles to $50 for new titles, and OnLive will eventually begin a subscription package, as well.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Jan 2011 15:44
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  • themind

    So this is how Vizio will end as a product line?

    4.1.2011 16:31 #1

  • mike.m

    Finally CES is here again. Can't wait to hear about Sandy Bridge and Dual Core Phones.

    4.1.2011 17:19 #2

  • andmill11

    Sega Channel had this on lock down like 15 years ago

    4.1.2011 18:54 #3

  • xtago

    With the current PS master key release this will be how all new console will work.

    pay cash for nothing in return.

    4.1.2011 23:23 #4

  • mystic

    $50 for new titles are they crazy if they want a market share then they should have capped the pricing at half that for new tiles this way they could out do the need to have a physical disk in the hands of their customer base at $50 for a new title I would want something in hand ... that would work even if I didn't have the net for what ever reason (like being on vacation at my camp in the woods on a rainy day) see console will always be around as long as I can play them off line...and they play dvd's and now blue-ray if you bought a ps3.

    5.1.2011 09:00 #5

  • mystic

    5.1.2011 09:01 #6

  • Mrguss

    CES on Videos here:


    Enjoy !


    6.1.2011 00:19 #7

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