Nvidia to develop PC processors

Nvidia to develop PC processors
Nvidia Corp revealed late last week that it plans to develop and market its own line of processors made for personal computers.

The processors would use ARM technology, which Microsoft has pledged to support in upcoming versions of its Windows operating system across several platforms. "Project Denver" is being seen as retaliation by Nvidia against Intel for its stroll into the graphics space.

"If you have the ability to have your own processor architecture and the support of operating-system vendors like Microsoft, then that becomes a formidable dynamic that Intel will have to contend with," said Hans Mosesmann, an analyst at Raymond James. "You and I five years from now might look back at this ... and say this was the turning point in the industry."

Nvidia has broadened its targets in the market to smartphones and tablet devices with its new chips. However, Nvidia is taking a risk entering into the market for PC processors, analysts are warning. At the very least, such a venture by Nvidia would take years to pay off.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 11 Jan 2011 2:09
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  • 3MUK

    looking forward this this :D

    "You can lead a fool to wisdom but you cant make him think"

    11.1.2011 04:03 #1

  • DXR88

    VIA made dame good processors back in the day. Squandered by the Intel vs AMD fight they didn't take off. there last chip was a P3 compatible model with hardware encryption in the Chip.

    I'd welcome another CPU vendor.

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    11.1.2011 04:07 #2

  • Zealousi

    I am building a new computer, so lets hope they are out soon

    11.1.2011 09:52 #3

  • Notcow

    More competition is good competition.

    11.1.2011 10:48 #4

  • champman

    I remember Via. My mobo back in 2000 was by Via and was quite good balance of performance/price. Intel reference boards are the best performing currently.

    Originally posted by Zealousi: I am building a new computer, so lets hope they are out soon Just get Intel's 2500k (budget) or 2600k (performance). I'm getting the later but prices are fluctuating every few hours. You could wait until AMDs Bulldozer if your budgeting.

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    15.1.2011 15:30 #5

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