Sprint unveils dual touchscreen Kyocera 3G smartphone

Sprint unveils dual touchscreen Kyocera 3G smartphone
Sprint has unveiled the Kyocera Echo today, an Android device with dual touch screens.

The smartphone goes on sale in the Spring for $200 with contract.

Kyocera, of Japan, is not very well known in the United States although they do make a plethora of feature phones.

The Echo has dual 3.5-inch screens and will allow users to run multiple apps at the same time, or watch videos whilst surfing the Web on different screens, for example.

Another example is splitting the operations of one app, such as having the email inbox on the top screen and the email text in the bottom screen.

The company says the phone will run on Sprint's 3G network, not their WiMax 4G network, but 4G models may come in the future.

Finally, the phone has huge power drain, because of the dual screens, so Sprint is adding a free spare battery in the package.

(Pic via Engadget)

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Feb 2011 23:01
Sprint Smartphone 3G Kyocera Dual Touchscreen
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  • lxhotboy

    Dual screens, hmmmm.........And i wonder how the battery life is going to be.

    8.2.2011 13:45 #1

  • lissenup2


    Holy shizzy my nizzy...............they're still around??

    They started back in the day of when Sprint was "Sprint PCS"

    8.2.2011 16:17 #2

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