Disney now charging Netflix, Redbox more for new releases

Disney now charging Netflix, Redbox more for new releases
Disney, who along with Paramount remain the only studios who still offer new releases to Netflix and Redbox the same day they go on sale, has raised the price it charges the rental outfits for the privilege.

The company will now charge Netflix and Redbox up to $18 per DVD, their full wholesale rate.

'Secretariat' was the first DVD to be hit with the increased pricing. The rental companies got the DVD for Secretariat on January 25th.

Disney has not followed in the footsteps of Fox, Universal and Warner, which have blocked Netflix and Redbox from making new releases available to customers until 28 days after they are released, a delay window long enough to appease internal concerns that the rentals hurt DVD sales on new releases.

Executives at Disney have said that they do not share those fears, especially since animated films and other family friendly Disney movies are often purchased rather than rented.

The wholesale price will drop to $10.80 per movie after 28 days.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Feb 2011 1:54
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  • KillerBug

    That sucks...I'm sure they will just pass the costs on to us customers...and here the movies are not work $10.80 per disk to begin with (I wouldn't pay that much for a case of Disney DVDs).

    17.2.2011 03:58 #1

  • blueboy09

    You know, I'm getting sick of all these companies demanding more and more money these days. These people really need to grow a set, since it seems that they cry poor mouth every time you turn around when something doesn't go their way. You know, maybe if they just focused on what their customers, and started listening to that, then they would not be having this problem in the first place. Use common sense and don't rush everything when you want something out, use you head that the man upstairs gave you for heavens sakes! (end of rant)

    Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

    19.2.2011 12:44 #2

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