Amazon Android app store coming Tuesday

Amazon Android app store coming Tuesday
E-tail giant Amazon is ready to launch its long-awaited Android app store on Tuesday, says Wired.

Rumor of the app store surfaced last September.

Differentiating it from the official Google Android Marketplace is the fact that the Amazon store will only have apps that Amazon allows in, just like how Apple does with the iOS App Store, arguably leading to a "higher quality" app selection.

Last week, Amazon accidentally let one page of the store go live, showing off 48 paid apps.

Customers can purchase the apps through the desktop page or via a native Amazon app on Android devices.

As another way to differentiate itself from the official Marketplace, Amazon's payment system works in almost every country, whereas Google Checkout has its limitations.

Finally, many sites have suggested that Amazon may be working on a Kindle tablet, one that will still emphasize e-reading but will run on Android 3.0 and include more powerful specs than a standalone e-reader.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Mar 2011 1:15
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  • Mrguss

    Amazon will let you "30 minutes Test Drive" nearly any Android application in the App Store directly from your browser before you buy.

    Direct Link: .


    22.3.2011 06:20 #1

  • plazma247

    Thats Great but everyone should be real careful or Crapple will sue you back to the stone age for using the term "APP errmm 5TORE", next they will sue all the supermarket for selling apples and being apple stores ..... Really apple, is this what its come down to... ?

    23.3.2011 07:32 #2

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