Angry Birds for PC available for free

Angry Birds for PC available for free
Following up on our previous popular article on how to get Angry Birds for PC, free and legally, there is now another chance to get the game, free of charge.

NOTE:: The promotion on the external site has ended, but you can still play Angry Birds on PC for FREE, check this link: "Where can I get Angry Birds for PC for Free?"

Rovio, the developer behind Angry Birds, recently said the game has hit 100 million downloads between iOS, Android and PC, and a Facebook version of the game is coming soon.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Mar 2011 0:10
PC Angry Birds Rovio Free
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  • ROMaster2

    I'd rather NOT install bloatware.

    22.3.2011 00:41 #1

  • tatsh

    Yeah, I'll wait for a 'cracked' version (version without this AppUp whatever deal). LOL

    22.3.2011 00:50 #2

  • TBandit

    Always a catch with free

    22.3.2011 00:50 #3

  • 21Q

    They must praise the man who thought up the idea of angry birds.

    If you want a nice icon for your iPhone for afterdawn click on the link below. There is a two second delay before the redirect so act fast!

    Also Check Out My "Pc In An Xbox" Mod. There's a whole Pc inside of it!

    22.3.2011 01:04 #4

  • tatsh

    I had a look. I put it on a VM.

    Intel AppUp, competing with Steam and all the others I suppose? Why DRM a free game? The game does not start without AppUp running (you get an error message).

    22.3.2011 01:44 #5

  • NeoandGeo

    Sad that we have to "crack" a free game. Waiting.

    22.3.2011 11:05 #6

  • dcmorrow

    Did not work, no free Angry Birds. Stupid Bate and Switch.

    22.3.2011 12:35 #7

  • jam_k

    it does work, but you have to be new to AppUp (or at least reg a new email address)

    all you need to do is sign up with this link:

    and the birds will be assigned to that account that you create, therefore when you install AppUp, log in with that account you created and it will be waiting in the 'MyApps' section.

    22.3.2011 18:18 #8

  • bossiam1 (unverified)

    I would love tyhe link to play this awesome game on my laptop as I love it on my Droid!!

    22.3.2011 22:54 #9

  • plazma247

    Really do people still play angry birds, its a great game but after you realise all the physiological tactics used to keep sucking you back in and see the game for what it is, sorta lost its appeal after that.

    23.3.2011 07:35 #10

  • Jemborg

    Originally posted by plazma247: Really do people still play angry birds, its a great game but after you realise all the physiological tactics used to keep sucking you back in and see the game for what it is, sorta lost its appeal after that. "physiological tactics"... huh????

    I dunno, I think my wrist got sore using the mouse. :P

    But isn't a good game meant to suck you in?


    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

    23.3.2011 13:00 #11

  • plazma247

    Sorry dam spell checker and i didnt re-read: psychological :)

    I watched a program now that explained and delved into the world of gaming today. Like you said many good games do suck you in, game creators have got better and better at making games in many aspects, one side of this departed from the software is the games ability to reward you to keep your attention span.

    There was some guy mentioned in the program as i remember (forgot the name) who wrote a paper i think it originally came out of a research project with animals. Basically it was a very fundimental study of a task and reward systems keep a subject intrested in the task for longer than if the subject had no reward, one with a reward based on a time or stage as long as the subject maintained the task or one that had rewards given at random.

    The one which had the constant and staggered rewards maintained the task for much much longer.

    You might think that studies with animals is a crude place to start things that lead and evolve to being used on humans, but just ask any army who following a guy who had previously only worked on animals translated his work into making better soldiers that shot at sight without stopping to think, which has always been a large problem going to war (making them kill) anyway he managed it and hence brought about an entirely new bread of shell shock which is now reffered to as post trumatic stress.

    Anyway i digress, back to the games.

    Now games creators of yester year knew the importance of trying to keep your attention span, but largely focused on box sales, but over the years are getting far far better at it.

    Many games, especially games like angry birds who have the ability to make now not from just the sale of the game but endless adverts and use the free application/game offering as a way to endlessly have a potential to make money as long as you keep users playing and still interested.

    Angry Birds story started with the iphone, its was quickly realised they had a winner and the game was ported over to android as soon as possible. As it was realised a game with a high street name that people knew would be a sure fire win situation and with androids platform could make from the game sale or from ad revenue.

    Now with a model where not just having a good game or one thats marketed so well that people but it. It becomes as important as having something that keeps on giving you just enough back and rewarding you to keep on pulling you back in and as long as you can do this money can be made endlessly from the adverts.

    Angry Birds to date is probably from a smart phone point of view the first to really focus as much attention to having a good game as to making sure you keep playing.

    Its must be one of the most updated software on the android market, oh look another new level, people have a look and more advert revenue potential, lots of little updates, lots of little and timed in game rewards, keeps them from having the money door closed on them.

    For the gamer, it means you get the game free and have something that you enjoy playing, so i guess it cant be considered a bad thing...?

    But like i said once i realised that ultimately the one just more level of angry birds which wasnt that diss-similar from the last level or the one before or the one before that, the rewards lost there glitz and i lost intrest. Not to mention having a full screen video advert on lunch when connected to wifi was just pushing it a little to far...

    Im not really having a knock at them, on the contrary they made a good game that i got enjoyment from playing in the past, but things change.

    What i think everyone should be aware of is the systems that are used in order to give you the rewards to keep your attention span, with angry birds your just making the creators money from the adverts and having some fun..... The darker side is just realisation of what a the attention and popularity of angry birds has caused, many shady poker and online gamberling sites have already or are feviously working on apps so they can extend their revenue stream into the smartphone market places.

    But beyond losing money just having something that becomes addictive to the point that people get overly distracted from their their real life to wasting it to a what is ultimately just a game and have their time and place, but people can have a real problem with addiction... and i think the new generation of games, the funding systems behind them probably could for some people create problems. At the moment its like the edge of the cloud and this is the first drop of rain...

    PS sorry for the long answer but you asked :-p

    23.3.2011 13:47 #12

  • xblade132

    too bad ab sucks

    23.3.2011 22:19 #13

  • Jemborg

    Phew Plaz. :)

    I never noticed any ads as I got AB from Demonoid but to be realistic many things one the net get revenue from ads ~ Afterdawn for one (though I don't notice as I use AdBlock Plus).

    I just wanted a little game for the netbook. I found WoW more a distraction from RL when I gave that a go.

    I see it's limitations ~ it's just a puzzle game though. But why pick on AB in particular? Those gambling sites etc. will try anything to flog their sh1te. (I worry about people sucked into investing in derivatives.)

    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

    24.3.2011 04:14 #14

  • banzaigtv

    No thanks. I'd rather purchase a bait-free version of the game. Wait...nah. I'd be better off playing games like Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Mass Effect 2 on my PC.

    Intel Core i7-950 3.06 GHz, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1.5 TB 7200 RPM HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

    24.3.2011 05:28 #15

  • joston (unverified)

    doesn't work - comes back with all copies taken

    14.4.2011 18:44 #16

  • Vitzzz

    I was banned for spamming. Please don't make the same mistake as me!

    26.4.2011 13:06 #17

  • Cancerh89 (unverified)

    There is no free game! This is advertisement for Intel. They want you to install that stupid program, after that, there is no free game. You have to buy it for $4.99

    27.4.2011 23:21 #18

  • CherylMag (unverified)

    I downloaded it and it said it is $3.99 for angry birds.

    2.6.2011 09:20 #19

  • Charlotte Guy (unverified)

    The app was not free when I followed the links provided!

    5.6.2011 21:10 #20

  • jam_k

    Just incase anyone new finds this article...

    no, the game is not free anymore, this article was posted at the
    end of March 2011.

    You could get the game free for about a week. This is now 4 months later, so yeah, the offer is gone.

    6.6.2011 10:48 #21

  • Shaunny X (unverified)

    I want to get this... I'll see... Please reply if you hate or like Justin Bieber... I'm bored, THat's why I'm writing this. ANGRY BIRDS RULE because My Friend ,Jayden, Has and i-pad and she has Angry Birds, Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds Rio

    21.6.2011 17:57 #22

  • AngryBirds (unverified)

    Ok its cool I found a place that shows you how to download Angry Birds PC.You can play online destruction games as well.

    9.8.2011 13:56 #23

  • plazma247

    Originally posted by AngryBirds: Ok its cool I found a place that shows you how to download Angry Birds PC.You can play online destruction games as well. Alternativly if you dont want to visit a suggested website that maybe full of browser exploits or what ever, you can install google chrome browser and get it from here for free from googles own app market place.

    23.8.2011 09:21 #24

  • siddu004

    For Full game of AngryBirds Rio Please visit

    11.11.2011 01:26 #25

  • aldan

    why the hell is this thread even open still?no free game here.

    11.11.2011 02:03 #26

  • Soheila

    How to get the updates for Angry Birds for PC???

    22.12.2011 12:27 #27

  • banzaigtv

    Originally posted by Soheila: How to get the updates for Angry Birds for PC??? Updates install automatically if you have purchased the game from The next update for the PC version is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2012.

    Intel Core i7-950 3.06 GHz, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, ATI Radeon HD 6770, 1.5 TB 7200 RPM HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit SP1

    22.12.2011 13:14 #28

  • niraj1

    i want to download angry bird game

    3.4.2013 16:03 #29

  • aldan

    read some of the previous posts.and check the dates.

    3.4.2013 16:25 #30

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