Apple hiring gaming execs from Activision, Nintendo

Apple hiring gaming execs from Activision, Nintendo
It appears that Apple has been hiring gaming execs away from Activision and Nintendo, and it seems the company is ready to make a stronger push into the gaming world via its iOS devices.

Apple has hired Nintendo UK communications head Rob Saunders and Activision's European PR director Nick Grange, and may be searching for more execs.

Saunders oversaw the PR for gaming consoles, notably the Wii and DS.

In his new position, he will oversee PR for gaming via iOS.

Grange, formerly of EA and Microsoft, as well, will work on PR for the iPad.

Tuaw says 84 percent of tablet owners play at least one game on their devices, and 44 million owners are playing games on their iOS devices, in the U.S. alone.

If accurate, the number would keep iOS very close to reaching the Nintendo DS' "active" gaming base.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 11 Apr 2011 1:39
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  • ROMaster2

    This will not end well.

    11.4.2011 02:09 #1

  • KillerBug

    It makes perfect sense...apples are for people who don't care about technology and nintendos are for people who don't care about video games. Considering that video games are a form of technology, I couldn't think of a better match. Heck, their products even look similar in style (that cheap white plastic look).

    Activision does not fit as well...they make a couple of decent games, but it is mostly crummy movie-based games and about a million guitar hero titles...and you know that the guys writing the games didn't choose to make that crap.

    11.4.2011 03:29 #2

  • 3MUK

    lol killerbug , but hey maybe they might even bring in some innovative stuff. who knows, hope they dont stuff up.

    "You can lead a fool to wisdom but you cant make him think"


    11.4.2011 14:14 #3

  • lissenup3

    Originally posted by ROMaster2: This will not end well. I concur.

    11.4.2011 15:50 #4

  • pcrazy99

    I can't see any serious gaming going on with the ipad or iphone. If I play a game on my phone it's because I'm in line at the DMV or in a waiting room somewhere.

    11.4.2011 20:30 #5

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