Windows 8 to allow pattern-based logins?

Windows 8 to allow pattern-based logins?
According to a new video, Windows 8 will allow users to login/unlock their computers with patterns, just like Android and iOS devices do now.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8 in mid-2012, for desktops and tablets. The OS will feature more cloud-based features, Kinect support, Zune music, and see a revamped UI.

Windows 8 will also have support for ARM-based SoC, alongside Intel x86 architectures, so a plethora of tablets are expected in 2012 featuring the OS.

So far, there has been a very early build leaked to torrent and warez sites, but most of the expected features are not included.

Video slightly NSFW:

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Apr 2011 16:48
Android OS Windows 8 Login Pattern
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  • NHS2008

    Ugh. What a dickhead!

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    If you want Android on Samsung Wave!

    22.4.2011 17:24 #1

  • ROMaster2

    So now I can just watch the guy even farther from him to know his password.

    22.4.2011 17:47 #2

  • nintenut

    I knew Megaman 2 passwords would be useful for something eventually!

    22.4.2011 18:26 #3

  • KillerBug

    They should have made it like hacking in wouldn't have been much less secure, and it would add a certain thrill when you are actually able to log in.

    Or better yet, they should just have a list of all the user names and passwords right on the login screen; it would hardly be a change from current windows security.

    23.4.2011 00:03 #4

  • keebles

    Anyone up for some Simon Says lol

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    23.4.2011 00:30 #5

  • borhan9

    great concept however really bad video.

    Edited by DVDBack23

    "the mediocre teacher tells. the good teacher explains. the superior teacher demonstrates. the great teacher inspires."- William Aruthur Ward

    26.4.2011 00:22 #6

  • robertmro

    Am I supposed to be impressed?

    29.4.2011 12:15 #7

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